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"Throwing Fits" stops by
NYU for a style-frenzy

By Kaitlyn Sze Tu

 On Oct. 18, New York University’s Program

Board sat down with the "Throwing Fits"

podcast duo James Harris and Lawrence 

Schlossman to discuss their journey from being failed podcast hosts to becoming “the only podcast that matters.”


   The tight-knit Q&A session was moderated by PB’s Lecture Chair Myles Spraggins. The conversation ranged from chatting about the duo’s experience with Diplo “on acid” to their design process with Mr. Porter, giving “older brother” advice and “not f-ing with gatekeepers”.

    A main audience takeaway is authenticity and intentionality in the fashion industry, with the duo admitting that “this room is the number one joy of doing what we do, rather than some big glamorous show.”

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