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New Music

New Music books up-and-coming artists to perform concerts and festivals for the NYU community. Past events include "New Music Fest feat. Food House & Samia" and the "Women In Music Concert feat. Deb Never & Michelle."

Meets Mondays 7:00 - 7:30 p.m.

Kimmel (location announced via engage emails day of)

Committee Co-Chairs

Aidan Mailley

I am a huge fan of all rock music, currently listening to a lot of The Backseat Lovers, Wunderhorse, and Quarters of Change. My Favorite PB event that I have been to was the 2022 mystery concert with Ethel Cain. Super excited to be a chair this year!

Max Comora

382AAB16-AE8D-4BA7-8CB4-0869632DB1C1 - Max Comora.jpeg

I love music, movies, tv and having fun! I listen to all types of music and love to dance and have a great time. Can’t wait for a great year!

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