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New Music

New Music books up-and-coming artists to perform concerts and festivals for the NYU community. Past events include "New Music Fest feat. Food House & Samia" and the "Women In Music Concert feat. Deb Never & Michelle."

Meetings are on Mondays @ 7PM ET

New Music: Welcome

Committee Co-Chairs

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Taylor Malone

Hi!! I'm Taylor and I'm a junior at Steinhardt studying Music Business. Some of my current favorite emerging artists are glaive, Brevin Kim, and Bktherula and some of my all-time favorites are Kid Cudi, Tyler, The Creator, and Frank Ocean (and many, many more... yes I had a One Direction phase). I've had a bunch of random involvements here and there in the music industry, mostly with live music. But ideally, I want to work in artist/tour management! As for my favorite PB event, as chaotic as it was, the 100 gecs and Pop Smoke show. It was a crazy experience!

New Music: About Us
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Declan Dwyer

I’m Declan, one of the new music chairs! I’m a student at Gallatin (no I will not explain my major), I’m a junior, and I had 5 wisdom teeth removed two years ago. I like music a lot, I spend a lot of time listening, creating, and playing music, which is not super unique. I like to go on walks. I’m from South Boston which is really cool because I am Irish. Taylor and I are really excited to be chairs this year, and we will do an insanely amazing job at putting on some awesome shows! I am also friendly!

New Music: About Us
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