Lectures books a variety of different people in the entertainment and creative industries to speak and interact with students. Past events include "Among Us with Brian David Gilbert" and "Stand-Up Comedy with Ayo Edebiri & Rachel Sennott."

Meetings are on Tuesdays @ 5:25 PM ET


Committee Co-Chairs


Luke Vu

I'm a junior in Gallatin. I like to look at food. Currently I've been listening to Pixies, Miley Serious mixes, and Evans Pyramid. Animal Therapy with Jack was fun. We got to pet dogs inside Kimmel. Not many clubs can say they brought in dogs for people to chill with. Shoutout to everyone.

myface - Brendan Osbourn (1).HEIC

Brendan Osbourn

I'm a senior studying music business, and I'm really good at it too. Phoebe Bridgers makes me feel things that I think music should make people feel. My favorite in-person PB moment is when Gunner Stahl was a really nice guy to a lot of NYU students. My favorite virtual PB moment is when Brian David Gilbert had to interrupt an Undertale-themed tarot reading to brief students on his deep affection for Lou Bega. I like mountains and the view from most windows.