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Strawberry Fest

Strawberry Fest plans an multi-entertainment festival for the NYU community and general public. Usually held in May near Bobst, it's a day filled with food, games, giveaways, and live music. 

Meetings Start Towards the End of the Fall Semester

Strawberry Fest: Welcome

Committee Co-Chairs

Strawberry Fest: Text

Amanda Cuik-Arteaga

I'm a senior majoring in Music Business at Steinhardt and minoring in Italian Studies. My favorite artists include Shlohmo, The Strokes, Lucki, and Corbin, but my taste in music is very eclectic and the artists I listen to is always changing. My music industry experience includes booking various shows for both the public and Program Board, working as the Business Development and Creative Strategy intern for Superfly, stage managing Strawberry Fest 2019, working as the Artist Management intern for VxV Management, and working as an Artist Liaison for the #iVoted 2020 Virtual Festival. I have absolutely loved the last couple of years I've been with PB. Hands down my favorite PB event I've booked is the100 gecs concert in 2019. I'll never forget the ceiling tile incident.

Strawberry Fest: About Us

Elisa Sokoli

Hey besties!!! I'm Elisa, and I'm currently a junior in music business with a minor in BEMT. Outside of class, I'm interning at Primary Wave and spending literally all of my free time on the 7 train because living in Queens is so much fun. Some of my all-time favorites include -- in no order -- Gorillaz, kids' cartoons, and giving hot takes when absolutely nobody asked for them.

Strawberry Fest: About Us
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