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Film + Pre-Release

Film screens all kinds of movies and movie-related events to bring NYU students together. Past events include the "Manhattan Movie Marathon" and an "Oscars Viewing Party."

Pre-Release gives NYU students exclusive access to screenings of movies even before they officially in theaters. Past events include an "Advanced Drive-In Screening of Freaky" and a "Birds of Prey Pre-Release." 

Meetings are on Mondays @ 6:30 PM ET

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Committee Co-Chairs

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Tony Gupta

Hey! I’m a sophomore studying Film and TV. Obviously, I spend a lot of time watching movies and tv lol but I’m also into VTubers and video games (I play like everything besides league lmfao). Big fan of anime and I’m hoping we can set up some events this year beyond live-action! Come hang with us!

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Mo Lamikanra

Hey! I'm a Senior studying Photography and Imaging @Tisch with a minor in Film/TV production. Outside of uni, I'm a graphic designer and sometimes illustrator. My favorite film is definitely Spider-verse (I'm a massive animation fan)

Film: About Us
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