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Film + Pre-Release

Film screens all kinds of movies and movie-related events to bring NYU students together. Past events include the "Manhattan Movie Marathon" and an "Oscars Viewing Party."


Pre-Release gives NYU students exclusive access to screenings of movies even before they officially in theaters. Past events include an "Advanced Drive-In Screening of Freaky" and a "Birds of Prey Pre-Release." 

Meets Tuesdays 7:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Kimmel 211

Committee Co-Chairs

Annika Schmidt


I'm a senior at Gallatin studying Multimedia Storytelling and States of Consciousness, a combo of psychology, philosophy, filmmaking, and visual art. Desert island picks: movie Akira, TV shows The Midnight Gospel and Futurama, book Pedro Paramo, food raspberries, and song... my drum set. Beyond filmmaking I make music, write, and tattoo. :P

Lulu Chatterjee


Hey everyone! My name is Lulu, I'm one of the Film and Prerelease Chairs, and I'm studying Media, Culture and Communications in Steinhardt. In addition to obsessively watching movies and TV shows, I'm a huge reader and love writing. I'm currently watching The Mindy Project on Netflix, and some of my favorite musicians recently have been Aya Nakamura, KAYTRANADA, The Japanese House, and Cautious Clay.

Maria Flores


I’m a massive horror fan! So it’s no surprise my favorite holiday is halloween. I enjoy every genre of music, but my most listened to are pop and rock, and i’m a huge swiftie!

Christina Batte


Hiii! I'm a Junior studying Film + Television, hoping to become a director. Recently, I find myself interested in retro futurism and ambient music. I like learning about native plants and my favorite cloud is the cumulus. Come to a meeting <3

Spencer Plant


E9C7D816-958C-444B-B3AE-23C626AEB4DA - Spencer Plant.jpeg

Hi, I’m a transfer student going into my senior year at NYU. I used to play college football at a few different schools in California and I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a few years after high school. I’m a big indie music fan and love coming-of-age movies!

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