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NYU's Black Artists to Watch

The Best Additions To Your Playlists, Guaranteed

By Elisa Sokoli


Loraxx (@acognyy)

Hailing from West London, Loraxx embodies everything that makes the genre of hip-hop so great: impeccable wordplay, flows for days, and a collaborative spirit unlike any other. His most recent project, EP "RoadRunnas" under the group Children of the Wind, is a lofi dream, the perfect soundtrack for that Sunday morning coffee. 

Listen to "RoadRunnas" now!

Beth Million (@bethlehemmillion)

The Tisch 2020 alum is well on her way to becoming a proper R&B star. In her exploration of R&B’s subgenres, Beth Million has carved out her own unique sound, characterized by her soulful vocals, expansive harmonies your music theory teacher would lose their mind over, and a creative mission of empowerment.

Listen to "Layers" now!


Tymie Tuesday (@tymietuesday)

Music Business senior Tymie Tuesday has already established her talent through SoundCloud demos and her work with NYU indie-fusion band Surfliner, but her debut single “Golden” is an irresistible proper entrance. An ode to feeling free and living life, the soulful R&B track is both vulnerable and inviting, ready to uplift any listener. 

Listen to "Golden" now!

Hannah Jagadu (@hangrammm)

Music Business freshman ⁠— and Tymie’s sister! ⁠— is a force to be reckoned with in indie pop. With just a mic, a guitar, her phone, an iRig, and GarageBand, Hannah’s authentic creative energy shines through her songs. There’s no extravagance, no frills, no excess, but she doesn’t need any of that to plaster a smile on your face.

Listen to "Think Too Much" now!


V Wescott (@vvescott)

Born and raised in New York, V Wescott has taken sonic twists and turns throughout his artistic career to find his sound, drawing influences from everything the city has to offer. Now, he’s finally found that sweet spot, particularly on “In My Bag”. The simple, bass-heavy beat makes way for his lyrical and melodic talent. Add “In My Bag” to your post-pandemic party playlist to get the room shaking the way it should. 

Listen to "In My Bag" now!

deaven (@deavven)

On debut EP "Idylls, Elsewhere" deaven truly creates a world of his own, pulling you in and never letting you out (not that you would ever want to leave). With layers upon layers of harmonies, haunting atmospheric production by fellow Clive student chabeau, and raw lyrics, ten minutes feel like not enough in the worst way, but forever in the best. 

Listen to "False Rider" now! 


Rogie (@curlychoppa)

Rogie has no limits. Absolutely none. He does just about everything, from singing to rap to production to art to fashion. Bound only by the idea of being his authentic self, his discography currently finds the perfect balance between hyperpop and rap, but his latest single ‘do u love me?’ is truly mind-blowing. Drake’s “In My Feelings”, Paramore’s “Misery Business,” and the Jonas Brothers’ “Lovebug” have absolutely nothing in common, but Rogie somehow mashes up the three into the perfect hyperpop bop, a song with a magic uniquely his own. 

Listen to "do u love me?" now!

SOLA (@itssolaofficial)

SOLA, twenty-year-old Jessica Bisola Omokheyeke, is from Houston, Texas and is currently based in New York. The Music Business sophomore minoring in Performance Studies released her debut single In This World on February 1st, kicking off Black History month with a bang. In This World is a powerful piece that addresses the struggles of Black people living in a world where it’s a “risk to exist” SOLA never fails to entertain others with her unmatched sound, passion, and energy.

Listen to "In This World" now!


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