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V100 Had NYU Going Up On A Tuesday

On Tuesday, February 16th, Program Board held its annual Violet 100 Concert, headlined by rising icon Flo Milli. In the midst of a pandemic, V100 was hosted online for the first time in its history. Although most of us were disappointed and frustrated that we couldn’t throw it back and scream “FLO MILLI SHIT, HOE, FLO MILLI SHIT” in person, it did have its own perks: getting to host a rap battle between students and the chaotic nature of Zoom

The V100 rap battle between students -- Joe $cott (Steinhardt ‘23), Miss Jae (CAS ‘23), Blessed Integrity (Tisch ‘24), and Archduke Redcat (Gallatin ‘21) -- was judged by openers Bizzy Banks and Smoove’L and hosted by PB’s very own Secretary Logan Delgado. For the first round, student artist and Program Board Vice President, Rupesh produced a singular beat for every participant to rap over in a pre-recorded video. After playing each video, the two judges gave valuable commentary on their performances and flows. One rapper was not only praised for her performance, but also for her stunning looks. Miss Jay caught the eyes of the audience and judges alike for including captions on her video along with serving face that had judge Smoove’L trying to pull out some not-so-smooth pick-up lines throughout the rest of the battle. The chat, however, was quick to call out Smoove’L on his thirst, making everyone ⁠— the audience, judges, and performers ⁠— laugh. After a poll, the second and final round was held between Miss Jay, Blessed Integrity, and Archduke Redcat; each rapper had to do a live freestyle to another beat provided by Rupesh. Votes were split, with the judges voting for Miss Jay and the audience voting for Blessed Integrity. Thus with the audience majority, the V100 2021 Rap Battle Champion title is now held by Blessed Integrity.

Check out the music of the participants below:

The immaculate Flo Milli graced the virtual stage at the end of the night serving everything needed for a perfect performance: production, looks, and most importantly, bars. Sporting a white blazer bodysuit with matching white feathers attached to her shoulder pads, she resembled an angel coming down to bless our screens. The background, gold curtains, opulent candelabras, and bright studio lights set a roaring 20’s stage, an homage to her latest music video. Flo Milli performed a number of her hits, such as “ In the Party”, “Weak”, “Beef Flow Mix” and of course, “Roaring 20’s.” It’s fair to say we were all throwing it back with her from the comfort of our own homes. Flo Milli impressed everyone with her amazing breath support, making people in the comments say things like “she ain’t breathe this whole time” and “sheesh that breath support.” But the thing that really made everyone go crazy in the chat, on Twitter, and at home, were Flo Milli’s shoutouts to NYU students, Program Board, and Student Government. Flo Milli really said, “We got the club going up on a Tuesday,” and she’s never been more right.

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